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The realme 12 Pro+ 5G marks a significant step forward for the brand, blending powerful performance, advanced camera technology, and a premium design at a competitive price point. In this review, we’ll delve into the phone’s key features and specifications, providing an insightful overview of its strengths and potential drawbacks.

Design & Display:

  • Luxury Watch Design: The realme 12 Pro+ 5G boasts a unique and eye-catching “luxury watch” design, featuring a premium metal frame and a sleek, curved AMOLED display. It’s both stylish and comfortable to hold.
  • Immersive Viewing: The 6.7-inch 120Hz AMOLED display delivers vibrant colors, deep blacks, and smooth visuals, perfect for gaming and multimedia consumption. The 2160Hz PWM dimming further reduces eye strain.

Performance & Battery:

  • Powerhouse Processor: The Qualcomm Snapdragon 7s Gen 2 processor offers ample power for daily tasks, multitasking, and even light gaming. Up to 24GB of Dynamic RAM enhances responsiveness and allows smooth app switching.
  • Long-Lasting Battery: The 5000mAh battery promises all-day usage, while 67W SUPERVOOC charging fuels the phone from 0-50% in just 19 minutes, ideal for power users.

Camera System:

  • Next-Gen Photography: The realme 12 Pro+ 5G boasts a versatile triple-camera system, featuring a 50MP Sony IMX890 main sensor, a 64MP periscope telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom and 120x SuperZoom, and an 8MP ultrawide sensor. This combination empowers users to capture stunning photos and videos in various lighting conditions.
  • Advanced Algorithms: The realme 12 Pro+ 5G integrates the next-generation omni-focal MasterShot Algorithm, combining the LightFusion Engine for enhanced clarity and tone with the NightEye Engine for superior low-light performance.

Additional Features:

  • 5G Connectivity: Experience blazing-fast speeds and seamless streaming with the integrated 5G modem.
  • realme UI 5.0: Based on Android 14, realme UI 5.0 offers a clean, intuitive interface and several customization options.
  • Other Features: In-display fingerprint sensor, dual stereo speakers, IP65 water and dust resistance
Putting the realme 12 Pro+ 5G to the Test

Performance & Battery Life:

  • Daily Performance: Running everyday tasks like browsing, social media, and messaging feels smooth and responsive. Light gaming is handled well, although demanding titles might experience occasional frame drops. The Dynamic RAM allocation efficiently manages app switching and background processes.
  • Heavy Lifting: While not a dedicated gaming phone, the realme 12 Pro+ 5G surprisingly holds its own with graphically intense games like Genshin Impact on lower settings. However, extended gaming sessions can lead to slight thermal throttling.
  • Battery Life: True to its claim, the 5000mAh battery easily surpasses a full day of moderate usage. Even heavy users can expect to reach the evening with charge to spare. The 67W fast charging is incredibly fast, reviving the phone to 50% in minutes and minimizing downtime.

Camera & Imaging:

  • Daylight Photography: The main sensor captures excellent photos with vibrant colors, sharp details, and good dynamic range. The ultrawide and telephoto lenses deliver decent results, though sharpness drops slightly on the telephoto at maximum zoom.
  • Low-Light Photography: The NightEye Engine works effectively, significantly improving low-light performance. Images retain good detail and noise is kept under control. The periscope lens performs well in low-light situations with moderate zoom, but quality degrades at higher zoom levels.
  • Video Recording: The phone can record 4K videos at 30fps with good stabilization. However, 60fps recording is limited to 1080p. Overall, video quality is decent for casual users, but videographers might crave more options and higher resolutions.

Software & User Experience:

  • realme UI 5.0: This clean and intuitive interface offers customization options and familiar Android features. Bloatware is minimal, and the overall experience is smooth and responsive.
  • In-Display Fingerprint Sensor: While generally accurate, the sensor can be slow and finicky at times, requiring multiple attempts to unlock.

Final Verdict:

The realme 12 Pro+ 5G is a strong contender in the mid-range segment, offering a compelling combination of features, performance, and battery life at a competitive price. Its sleek design, powerful processor, long-lasting battery, and versatile camera system make it a solid choice for users who prioritize value and diverse functionality. However, keep in mind the occasional hiccups with the in-display fingerprint sensor and limitations in high-end gaming and videography.

Rating: 8.5/10


  • Premium design and display
  • Powerful processor and smooth performance
  • Long-lasting battery with fast charging
  • Versatile camera system with good low-light capabilities
  • Competitive price point


  • In-display fingerprint sensor can be slow and unreliable
  • Not ideal for high-end gaming or professional videography
  • Some bloatware pre-installed


Q: Is the realme 12 Pro+ 5G waterproof?

A: While it has IP65 water and dust resistance, it’s not completely waterproof. Avoid submerging it in water.

Q: How many RAM and storage options are available?

A: It comes in various RAM and storage configurations, ranging from 8GB RAM + 128GB storage to 24GB RAM + 256GB storage.

Q: Does it have expandable storage?

A: No, the realme 12 Pro+ 5G does not have a microSD card slot for expandable storage.

Q: Which regions does it support 5G in?

A: Check the official realme website for specific regional 5G network compatibility information.

We hope this comprehensive review helps you decide if the realme 12 Pro+ 5G is the right smartphone for you. Remember, your needs and preferences ultimately determine the best choice.

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